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[EU] [Whiteside Ridge] Looking for a "fashion-focused" guild


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31 year old male from Sweden here, played guild wars 2 for about 6 years and still love the game. Having experienced almost everything the game has to offer I am now looking for a new guild who fits my main interest: fashion (which I know is the endgame for GW2)! The reason for this post is that I am not interested in the type of guilds who do everything in PvE, PvP and WvW but more specifically a guild where the members try out new wardrobe ideas and themes and maybe even contests (while also playing the game of course). It is a very specific type of guild that I am looking for and might not be one out there that fits but if not maybe someone with a similar mindset would be down to starting one? If you read this far I thank you for your time and wish you a good week!



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