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Please Change Profession Skill 6/7 to Pet Attack/Pet Return


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As the title says. There's really no reason not to. It would be a nice universal change where you have the same keybind across all classes for Pet Attack and Pet Return.

And then, after doing this change, obviously please make it possible for things like Elementals/Minions to use Pet Attack/Pet Return.



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1 hour ago, The Boz.2038 said:

Who the hell clicks a "confused" on this? WTF?

Probably someone that didn't have the opportunity to play the last Beta. Afterall, if someone talk out of the blue about "profession skill 6/7" when you have no knowledge about this in the current game, it can be "confusing".

Personally I'd rather have the fonctions attack and return stay in F1 and F3 (even for untamed) like they've always been for core, druid and soulbeast. The extra amount of control should be on the "new profession skills slots".

Opening the option to other professions like necromancer (minion), elementalist (elemental), mesmer (clone) and/or engineer (turret) would be welcome but ultimately not necessary. Well, it could somehow break immersion for mesmer, I guess and engineer's turret wouldn't come back to him...

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To be fair, anything past F4 is already a bit too far of my hand. I had to rebind my F5 to A (or Q if you're using Qwerty keyboard) and I'm kind of troubled to find an easy-to-access key that isnt already being used. 


I really am considering buying one of these MMO mouse with thumb button because if Anet keeps adding more and more keys to the game, that's going to hurt. 





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