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Dragon ball Annual achievements


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So i noticed there is no achievement points towards these achievements or any meta related to it, aside from the envelopes given by each achievement, is there anything else to these achievements, i'm asking because for the amount of effort it takes to do a few of them it seems to give very little reward wise... so any insight if i am missing something would be welcome p.p.

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Not really worth reward-wise. I still try to complete them. But I think they discourage playing in an efficient way. (Like waiting for the buffs at mid to appear - while being more vulnerable.)

Also the win required for the special envelope - not good. Would have preferred a different reward structure. No annuals. And the 10 for special envelope/token +2 if you win +1 if you lose - to sill be able to make some progress.

Especially annoying if you get forced to switch teams (unlucky) if the enemy team loses and players leave - creating unbalanced team where some people need to volunteer to switch to the losing team. (If not it is selecing 1 player randomly.)

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This is probably for the best.  ANet is notoriously bad with designing incentives that promote a healthy competitive atmosphere in activities - just look at the Sanctum Sprint, Southsun Survival, and Keg Brawl achievements for examples of this, plus the whole design of Lunatic Inquisition.  The primary goal in these games should be to win, and incentives should encourage behavior that leads to winning.  Unfortunately, when you get things like Dragon's Heart, you get people who run around for the entire match playing pacifist and gobbling up all the health they can find as they get hit.  Or Dragon's Gaze, which causes people to camp spots that are in the open for a powerup on a long cooldown, and then try to spam the skill aimlessly and hope they get interrupts.  The players that do this sandbag and frustrate their teams, so the less reward there is for those kinds of achievements, the better.

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