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Potential Untamed PvE Build for Group Content


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Hi, I'd like to share a build for untamed and see what you guys think of it. (Sorry if bad formatting I wrote this on the phone)


The idea of the build is to be a combination of support and damage, or the cross between druid and soulbeast. The support aspect of the build uses raw healing, damage mitigation, and revival for allies. While the damage aspect, though not tested yet, might achieve a fair amount of damage (15k damage per second atleast, I hope). The build uses full berserker gear.


<The traits>

I decided to use nature magic and skirmishing as the 2 traits accompaning untamed for the support, reliability of the pet, and damage for the player. The other trait lines didn't seem all too good apart from beastmastery to reduce the cooldown on commands and give the pet a little bit of survivability.


  Nature magic 

  This traitline is mainly used for 2 things the    reliability of the pet and the support for     allies.

 The reliability comes from the minor   trait Fortifying Bond which provides boons   to the pet if the the player gains a boon. This becomes useful when paired with the   Untamed trait Enhancing Impact as it   provides stability to the player, so therefore   the pet. This allows the pets skills to not be   interrupted so its skills don't go on full   cooldown.


  Bountiful hunter - this provides some   damage to you and your pet which   increases  damage


 Spirited arrival - provides 8 seconds of   fury and  vigor to 5 players (I think), which   can be useful for classes like daredevil,   mirage and the upcoming vindicator


Nature's vengeance - lets the spirits last longer and provides a boon when activated. These 2 features allows the stone spirit to provide protection for around 4 seconds to 5 allies when activated. The idea here is to spam stone spirit for the protection uptime through the use of Untamed trait Fervant Force



  Allie's Aid over Bountiful Hunter for a           little more support



Don't need to say much other than the fact that the traits allow a 15% increase to critical chance through Spotter and Vicious Quarry which in turn allows more damage.


If for whatever reason you slot out water spirit or a utility skill for a trap you can use Trapper's Expertise.




 Blinding Outburst - Just a damage increase   compared to the other 2 traits in the adept   line.


Enhancing Impact - Gives stability or quickness depending on the state of the unleashed mode. This trait is mainly used for the stability because it helps not interrupt skills for the pet when combined with Fortifying Bond.


Fervant Force - reduces all cooldowns of equipped skills when using a crowd control skill by 4 seconds. This is probably the only reason Untamed can exist.

With the hammer you can knockdown 12 seconds from all cooldowns if you use Overbearing Smash and Thump. This helps spam the aoe heal from water spirit, damage reduction and protection from guard and stone spirit, and revival from nature spirit. 


<Utility Skills>


   Water Spirit - allows 2k area of effect   healing to 5 allies on a very low cooldown   when combined with Fervant Force


   Guard - 33% damage reduction and might     to allies on a fairly low cooldown. With     protection, damage is a tiny bit more than     halved of what the damage would normally   be


   Stone Spirit - some protection uptime for       5 allies


   Exploding Spores - damage and crowd     control purposes to reduce cooldowns of all     equipped skills by 4 seconds.


   Nature Spirit - potentially alot of revival       uptime using the 2nd skill, Nature's Renewal, which is on a 40 second cooldown. 


That's the build! Let me know what you guys think.

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I doubt you'll be doing appreciable damage with untamed since the top power Untamed benchmarks are around 30K right now. To achieve that damage you would need to have Signet of the Wild and 2 damage traitlines instead of Nature Magic . Lack of One Wolf Pack means that Hammer + Greatsword is likely to do better than Sword+axe or Longbow variants as you don't have the multi-hit skill interaction. You can easily ascertain the damage loss of not having soulbeast traitlines in Snowcrows' calculator (https://snowcrows.com/gear-optimiser). A power soulbeast comes out to a 25K damage number with the presets, unchecking soulbeast traits and beastmastery merged bonuses moves that to 15K. Unleashed State in Untamed has +15% , Ferocious Symbiosis is 15% with all 5 stacks meaning if the modifiers are additive it is still lower than Soulbeast.

On power builds you lose the One Wolf Pack + Whirling Defense interaction as well as Sic Em merged bonus. Therefore the condition variants that benchmark closer to 32-33K are more promising especially when you consider that sort of damage is achievable on a single shortbow soulbeast.

If you want to support your team you're better off with some sort of condition druid or soulbeast stanceshare as the only party boons you output effectively on this sort of build is protection , zero healing power water spirit is quite questionable and amounts to around 80 heal per second even in PVE. For a power build you're better off with Frost Spirit ; for a condi build you're better off with sun spirit. I would not run "Guard" at all , your pet isn't tanking in group content.

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