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How to do Return to Sandswept Isles bounties for legendary amulet?


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- use lfg. Either start a group and wait for a few people or look for a group there. This is the biggest tool that will help you and regularly helps others

- use a mentor tag to gather people on the map

- wait for the relevant daily

- advertise for help on the player helping player subforum, mentioning whether EU or NA and good times for you

- ask your Guild for help if you are with one. If they won’t help, well you have five guild tabs, think about joining others. A guild that won’t help its members is a waste of time 

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On 1/30/2022 at 2:57 AM, NorthernRedStar.3054 said:

In that, you are wrong, my friend. I used to farm Starcaller during winter holidays. Done Seneb a few times as well. Lord Hizen has a video on it as well.

Seneb is soloable, sure, but not for every Spec (or Player`s experience if Spec is ok) and we need to take this into account.

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Doing the permanent achievements where you need to kill each individual bounty at least once - might take some time. The "Return to" achievements though (if I remember corretly) just require to kill a certain number of bounties (any bounty - possible to repeat the same ones multiple times to increase the counter).

Best go there when the map is on daily. Because of other achievements (the 32 slot bag is interesting for a lot of players!) there are always people doing bounties. With certain ones more popular and beoing done repeatedly.

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