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"Festival Fireworks" Achievement - best way to do?


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Hello, friends!

In the Lunar New Year events, there's an achievement called "Festival Fireworks". It requires you to Set off 300 Lunar New Year fireworks. Can be done five times for 5 acheivement points each (for total of 25 achievement points), and every time after is just for the Lucky Envelopes.

Now, my problem is the following - my wrist hurts quite a bunch when I have to repeatedly click over and over in the same motion, but with increased speed, which is what happens when I try to pop a stack of fireworks as quickly as I can. It's like an old injury.

I set off about 300 "Lucky Draketails", as they are the second cheapest next to "Lucky Prismatic Rockets". Everything else is at least double the price per stack (or close enough to it).

I know I can just do it slower but that would feel very boring and tedious. I also have limited time to play after work anyway.

Is there any faster/easier/cheaper and less painful way to do that achievement that you fellas are aware about?

Thank you very much! 🙂


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34 minutes ago, Farohna.6247 said:

Get someone else to click the keys and mouse for you....have you a small child or other fellow human about?

Sadly I don't have anyone that can click for me.
I mean, I can discuss with my girlfriend if we can have an offspring so I can use it for my achievement, but I feel like it might end up causing some undesired issues.

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24 minutes ago, Embered.5089 said:

Use the Lucky Prismatic Rocket. To fire the Draketails, you need to target the ground. But for the Rockets, you only need to press 1 because it's not ground-targetted. It just fires from where you're standing. I forget if any fireworks have a "consume all" function.

Might do that actually. Thanks!

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  • 2 years later...

Just adding to this old thread in case anyone else searches for a less painful way to do these fireworks achievements in future. I managed to do ~1k fireworks in like 25 minutes while watching videos, and you probably can too 🙂

The goal is to make it as quick and easy and brainless as possible to use a firework so you can repeat it endlessly. My suggestions are:

  1. As DaFishBob says, set Ground Targeting to "fast" in your settings if using Draketrails
  2. Map double-click to a keyboard hotkey (I used Blish HUD but I'm sure there are other things - and yes it's allowed so long as the hotkey performs only one action and you're not AFK)
  3. Filter your inventory down to "firework" so that when you empty a stack the next one will move under your mouse cursor
  4. Ideally get quickness (I used my Herald so I could keep it up indefinitely)
  5. Place your cursor over the first stack of fireworks
  6. Press the double-click hotkey to equip a firework and immediately press and release 1 to fire it
  7. Repeat as soon as the yellow bar is full - with quickness this is less than a second
  8. Get your achivements :)

Because you don't have to move the mouse you can just run through them without paying much attention to the game, and it should be a lot less physical strain than double-clicking 1500 times.


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