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this wvw relinking is being too much


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2 months of being outmanned on prime and or near about, having 3 maps outmanned is fine but 4 months ? and server is full ?

I been playing 9 years, but this seems total BS, either delete one server and make it even and/or keep it 2 months, what the point keeping a server full when we are outmanned whole week, really need an explanation on this, this being beyond stupid

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  • Allen.1620 changed the title to this wvw relinking is being too much

I totally agree with you, I belong to the Spanish server and it's more of the same right now we are outnumbered at least 7 to 1 in people playing against us, the management of wvw is unrealistic, I don't know what arena net is thinking... The alliances will be more of the same, they do not know how to compensate, servers, it is tiring, it does not surprise me that many people leave this game

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There is several weakness to world linking. Two of them are :

  1. While the metrics that need to be examined are clear for the most part, the way they are weighed is and always will be a compromise. Do you pair the fullest server with the least populated one or even no server at all? Looks appealing right. But then their is the fact that your full server may not really have a lot of active people in WvW and therefor only behave like a heavy populated one in practice. You also have to factor in how important is the time coverage, the language barrier, the performance of the server, etc.
  2. Even if you start with the best compromise on day 1 of the relink, there will always be people transferring worlds. In a perfect universe transfers would be even between worlds but it is rarely the case. Usually, they happen from the servers that are perceived as poorly performing to the one that are already seen as the favorites which accentuate imbalances. To makes matters worse, guilds that require their members to transfer world tend to be more competitive minded than the average. Over time, the progressive transfers of competitive players indirectly create mega-servers that are hard to break in the current system. (I heard Blackgate in NA is infamous for that. In EU our designated full server packed with a lot of hardcore guilds would probably be Fissure of Woe at the moment.)

Would WvW restructuring will fix the issue? I have no idea and I can only be hopeful and optimistically cautious. Wait and see I guess.

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The relink system is not the problem. This game is nearly 10 years old and graphically outdated.

Plus, nothing has been done for the WvW. So guess what ? People are leaving.

And don't get fooled by the population server, it's managed by robots. There are still 27 servers on the EU side and half of them are dead when it comes to wvw.

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On 1/29/2022 at 6:44 AM, Allen.1620 said:

Jan 29 Allen.1620 changed the title to this wvw relinking is being too much

Astute observation. WvW suffers a crisis of too much being.

That is, Heidegger's concept of being-in-the-world, "a non-intentional, or perhaps pre-intentional, openness to a world". i.e. the state of being linked to a world. "In effect, then, the notion of Being-in-the-world provides us with a reinterpretation of the activity of existing".

Indeed, being on some worlds (like Maguuma) often causes one to question the value of existence altogether. 

“The man who does away with himself,” Nietzsche writes in The Twilight of the Idols, “performs the most estimable of deeds.”

Transcend. Embrace nothingness.

Turn off computer.

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