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Distract, Destroy, Distrust story softlock

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After throwing the grenade into the vent, I went into the bunker, it marked task "Enter the bunker" as completed, then inside the bunker I exited to character selection screen, and when I came back on the same character I completed task "Talk over your findings with Rytlock" and the task "Enter the bunker" was not completed. I left the bunker, entered it again and it isn't getting completed anymore and because of that I can't continue the story. Also now i have 2 Rytlocks in bunker, one following me, other one does dialogue. Screenshot in journal
Steps to replicate:
1. Enter bunker
2. After ~5 seconds Log out to character screen
3. Login back
4. Get 2 Rytlocks and broken "Enter the bunker" task

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added bug replication steps
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