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Will the "Return to Living World" achievements and rewards be available after the release of EoD?


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The title says pretty much all of it. The wiki page ( https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Living_World_Return ) says that after the initial week that each segment was re-introduced, the achievements became permanent in the "Side Stories" tab. The question I have is regarding the rewards and such after the release of End of Dragons given that the rewards for "Seasons of the Dragons" are related to End of Dragons. Do all 24 parts need to be completed in the next month? or just 10 to get the token for the EoD Precursor? Or will all of it be permanent and can be played to completion for reward after EoD has released on the 28th?


Thank you for any direct confirmation anyone can offer me in this. I have a friend with whom I play that has some health issues, disabilities to contend with. She really wanted to complete the content to return to Living World, but doesn't think she's up to finishing the rest of the maps we have yet to return to in the next 3 and half weeks. If the content must be completed before February 28th, so be it, but it would put our minds at ease if not. 


Also, I apologize if this has been asked, but I wasn't able to find a specific topic about this on this forum, and the "Discussion" page of "Living World Return" wasn't helpful.

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Second sentence of the wiki page:


 After their respective bonus event had ended, the achievements, as well as the rewards, were moved to Side Stories, from where they remain permanently available.


Answer: Yes, you will be able to complete the "Return To" achievements after EoD and still get the same rewards as if you completed it before EoD.

Longer Detail: When things move to "Side Story" they generally become permanent in GW2. We've seen that with the White Mantle Bounties (ugh), Ley-Line Chaser, the Anomaly Side-Mission (I've left it on the last step as I like seeing the anomaly pop up randomly), Rollerbeetle, etc. This also includes the rewards from those Side Stories.

Living World Achievements (including the "Return To") are generally the "primary" storyline following the Commander attempting to save(?) Tyria. This includes the storylines from the expansions and all Seasons.

Side Story Achievements are ongoing things that play into the larger story but aren't critical to the plot. You 100% do not need the Side Story achievements or lore to understand the larger plot. It's mostly just little things that ANet has put into the game to tide us over between releases. 

One could argue that "Return To" is important to the plot, but you have to look at it through a narrative lens. After Icebrood Saga, the Commander returned to Eye of the North and sat and meditated at the Scrying Pool for a period of time. Essentially, the Legendary Amulet is the next step of the Commander's abilities as the Prismatic Dragon's Champion .Prophet Shards, lore-wise, are actually crystallized energy that the Commander creates from defeating the Strike Mission enemies; if I remember correctly they are almost miniaturized pieces of the Mists similar to Fractals that "contain" alternate realities. The Amulet is almost a culmination of that--hence why you can stat change.

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