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9+ y/o game and still no idle detection


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19 minutes ago, Ovark.2514 said:

We still lose rank points when a player never leaves spawn in a match. What is this, I don't even. . .

If they cared at all about pvp over the past many years, we'd most likely have solved that in game by now. Either player input with reports or an update to fix the issue. I mean look at Dragonball, if you afk at spawn IT THROWS YOU INTO THE MATCH. 

Why is it, that Dragonball has a solution to afk's yet pvp matches don't? lol. 

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3 hours ago, Fueki.4753 said:

Even if there was idle detection, people would just auto-run into walls or use macros to move around once in a while.

Unless Arenanet is actively going after people and significantly punishes them, they won't stop.


Oh yeah I know, its just funny to me that an event pvp mode has idle detection yet the games actual unranked/ranked spvp doesn't. It is really just another example as to how forgotten this mode is. 
Cause honestly, it would be great to never play a match again with a bot or person afk at spawn.

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