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Ping problem only in Guild Wars 2

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I've been having ping problems for the last 2 months and i have no idea why. It only happens in Guild Wars 2, not in any other online game. Contacted ISP several times, said that I had ping problems and every time they told me that they had fixed it.

The ping goes like this: Say I am playing right now, it is fine for around 10 seconds and then BOOM huge ping spike to 300-600 for a brief moment and goes back to normal. Again in 10ish seconds BOOM huge ping spike. It is like this: .......l.........l........l.......l......l...... This is perpetuated for HOURS but what is weird is that this does not happen every day but most of the days.

It feels to me I have terrible connection to Guild Wars 2. Is there any solution for this?



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are you having these ping spikes ONLY in Gw2?  lets say you have teamspeak open at the same time and the ping there stays low?I had a similar problem. My router was using some weird Ports to connect to gw2 servers.... i dont quite remember anymore it was 6 years ago... I blocked these specific ports in my router so gw2 had to use diffrent ones. it fixed the problem for me. if you google for more then 5 seconds you will find out which ports to block.

Edit: ohh wait.. Nvm that was in ESO XDDD    sorry im not quite awake yet. but it could be a similar problem.

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