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Kaineng City of Griffons

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It occurred to me responding to another thread that what we’ve seen of Kaineng City looks ideal for Griffons!

There’s a ton of verticality, filled with ledges to use as launch platforms. There are wide open spaces for zooming around without getting caught on architecture and losing momentum. There seems to be enough archways and corridors for those stunning thread-the-needle maneuvers that look so good in griffon flights.

Has anyone else been inspired to fill the skies of Kaineng City with Griffon zoom swoop zoom?

I know there’s a guild specifically dedicated to griffon amazingness. Anyone know if they’ve got plans for Kaineng City after launch?

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13 hours ago, SunRoamer.5103 said:

It was pretty much my first gameplay-related thought. Hopefully they add a Griffon Adventure or two, I'm sad the last ones we got were the two in Jahai.

Ooh, I am all in for that idea! I love all the Griffon Adventures from past releases, it really is about time we get a new ones. 🥰

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