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A Different Kind of Shatterer: still bugged three years later?


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(This could also have been filed under Bugs or Living World, but I am asking tips from the player base here.)


I am desperately trying to get five more achivements for All or Nothing mastery and A Different Kind of Shatterer did sound like something reasonable to do: free ten soldiers from brand crystals in Thunderhead Peaks' Deldrimor ruins. In fact, I had already freed three soldiers at some point in the past. After checking the wiki, being there at the suggested time and searching these forums, my conclusion is: this is still bugged!

On two occasions tonight, at around xx:00, a purple dome appeared a a rift countdown was initiated. I could see the rift forming. Things were on track. Once the countdown was over, suddenly, all the anomalies instantly vanished and a bunch of untargettable brand crystals dotted the area. Attacking their location in melee did put me in combat. No damage dealt. On a third occasion, I happened to show a bit early. With no event active in the area, there were targetable brand crystals. I was able to free three more soldiers.

My question: if you remember completing this recently, did you notice at what point targetable brand crystals appeared? I would like something that will serve as a marker to head on site to finish that achievement.


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Never mind. Got the achievement, but the events it is related to are still clearly bugged. I was coming out of a Thunderhead Keep meta last night when I noted that a rifstalker was under attack in the Deldrimor ruins. Contrary to the three previous events I had seen start, the rift had not fizzled out at the end of the countdown. The branded crystals were present and targettable after its death (I did not reach the riftstalker before it was slain) even if there were no active events in the ruins.

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