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[Suggestion] Adjustment to conditions and boons


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I have a few ideas / suggestions for changes that are condition and boon related:

Weakness - also reduces the duration of outgoing conditions by 50%

Protection - reduces condition damage by 33% as well

Resistance - Rework it and make it like alacrity. Can't be removed or corrupted anymore, so it is a real protection from conditions. It wouldn't be affected by noon duration anymore. Duration of skills or traits that give resistance needs to be adjusted.

Currently a few classes have way to much resistance in my opinion so condition builds without boon remove have nearly no chance. While others can just remove or corrupt the resistance so it is not a reliable protection. One can't remove endure pain for example, so it shouldn't be able for resistance as well. The other way would be to make all skills that make immune to direct damage a boon as well, but I wouldn't like that either. At least it would be cool if they all have the same icon then ?

Invulnerability - makes immune against condition damage as well. Didn't even count how often the auto elexier s proc killed me because I couldn't remove a condition anymore :angry:

I also thought about a split of condition durations / expertise for damage dealing and nondamage dealing conditions. But I'm not sure on that.

I think these changes would make it more fair and balanced what do you think?

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