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How to use pet abilities?


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For core, Druid and soulbeast, you decide when you want the pet to use it’s f2 skill by clicking it whenever you want the pet to use it, the other skills listed as being part of the pet are skills the pet will use automatically.


I use hawk a lot, so when I get into combat, my hawk will cast it’s quickening screech providing swiftness before rushing at the target, it will then use its slash and swoop on the target, I don’t control those abilities. I believe each pet has its own order in which it uses its abilities as well, but I’ve never really paid attention to it.


Untamed changes that and gives you complete control of the skills for the pet.



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8 hours ago, Bropine.8594 said:

I'm new to the game and Ranger is my first character. My bear has a lot of abilities in the pet panel...like bite and defy pain. But I can't figure out how to use those abilities. Is there any way to tell your pet to use these other abilities?


7 hours ago, Tukaram.8256 said:

Following, because I would like to know as well.  On the pet management screen there are 4 skills, but only 1 icon on the desktop. I have never seen how to select which skill shows, or how to use the others. (I always just hoped they were auto-use ha ha).  😎

You can't. Pets cast those skills on CD more or less (except some specific skills for sustain). 

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