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HoT story chapter 16 bug

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Now this is the most ridiculous bug I have encountered yet so far in GW2.I was on the fight against mordremoth where he summons one of your allies after another and you have to convert them to be your ally.After using the rift to get Tybalt Leftpaw to be your ally Mordremoth started doing his "massive attack" for the second time, where you can escape the damage by using your glider and stay in the air by flying over the vents/updrafts.

So I used my glider to go right above one of those vents and what then happened left me somewhere between anger, disbelief and laughing. The vent shot me upwards with superspeed, WAY higher than I should be and then I got the message that I am leaving the instance area and will be kicked if I do not return - and 0.1 seconds later I was outside of the instance. Really?This was annoying. I mean it.

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Although noone ever bothered to reply to this, for the sake of completeness I would like to add that this bug was actually fixed, as communicated for the 2018 Feb 6th update :)

Personal Story

Fixed a bug in which players could be launched into outer space when gliding into an updraft in the "Hearts and Minds" chapter of Heart of Thorns.
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