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Condition Renegade for PVE only Weapon and Sigils questions


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I'm taking the plunge and converting my Revenant to the popular Condition Renegade build for Open World PVE only, which is all my family plays.  I'm going with Trailblazer Stats all around for increased survivability (I'm not good at dodging), and a Runes of Tormenting set as well.


For Shortbow I figured I would have Sigils of Malice and Bursting.  (If this sounds bad please let me know.)


But for the other weapon set I'm not sure what to use.  Obviously Mace in main hand, but should the Mace have Malice, Bursting, or neither?  I know Geomancy is a popular choice for Viper, but this build will not have much crit chance at all, unless it is granted by Fury somewhere.


For the offhand weapon, would I do better with Axe or Sword?  Axe inflicts its own conditions, but Sword inflicts Vulnerability, which is also helpful.  And again, what Sigil should I put on these weapons?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Between both Runes of Tormenting and the trait Dance of Death I don’t think you’d need Trailblazer’s gear.  I mean it will work fine for sure and be more survivable, but Viper’s is sufficient with all of the sustain from the runes/trait combo and unless you’re planning on soloing hard bosses trailblazer’s is kind of overkill (and even then those solos can be done on viper as well generally, so still really only a safety option).  Condi Ren does have a non-negligible amount of power damage associated with it (about 16-17% of its overall damage) so not taking Viper will cut into your overall damage output by probably at least 10%.  The upfront burst from condi rev power damage is enough to cleave mobs fairly effectively (still not as well as a power class), but won’t be as effective if you take trailblazers.  Trailblazer’s is up to you, but personally I don’t think it’s necessary. You could also go half Trailblazers and half Vipers as well if you still want more sustain while taking slightly more power, but personally I’d recommend just going full Viper as the sustain is already insane without trailblazer. 

Personally I would take the meta sigils (can find them on snowcrows) only if you feel you’re going to swap weapons frequently and/or want to do instanced content.  Geomancy and doom only proc off of weapon swap/legend swap, so are not as effective if not used close to off CD.  

The meta sigils Torment/Earth are still effective even with trailblazers (obviously more effective in Viper’s) if you don’t dodge much since Ren gets 33% crit chance from having a full endurance bar and another 20% from Fury.  Other good choices are the ones you listed, bursting or malice if you do want to drop Geo/Doom.  I think malice would be lesser value than bursting in this case though because you cap torment duration when you use torment runes, so it would effectively have some wasted stats on 30% of your damage output, but I’m not positive and haven’t run the specific numbers myself. 

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I think it depends what you need.

trailblazer to got tangy focus condi and  condi duration  and high hp. If suit for jump into center of mops. Or solo boss . Pure condi style , easy and casual play.


celestial = all rounder balance damage + condi , got boon + condi duration ( more buff duration benefit in might)

less armor but it replace by potent heal from healing stat. 
Less condi damage but fill with damage

has additional critical rate  , roughly 60 with Rene grade trait . So you can use some crit activate sigil 




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can solo alot of champions with this build http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAUlflhQLsIajJRaMIKjBSjMBygj01/zD-zRRYVh3MqhDJOhQkygcVAecA-eneed to use Icerazor's Ire skill to get leeching stacks. swapping legends also make you take less damage for 8seconds. i also use Jalis if i want to be more tanky and better CC break.


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3 minutes ago, Sahne.6950 said:

i think celestial is the way to go for renegade.... amirite?

maybe Doom / tormenting sigils could work... not sure tho as i mainly do wvw/pvp.

im mixing in my main viper dps weapons in from copying them from other armory tabs. don't really play wvw/pvp sorry

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