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So, how is the work on DX11 going?


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7 hours ago, SovietVixen.7396 said:

The beta started fairly long time ago, how close (more-or-less of course) are we to having it as a ready in-game feature?

I think there are three possibilities
1: They keep the official release to EoD so it can be put into advertisement.
2: They said that DX11 is the first step towards some bigger improvements on the engine. The issues that needs to be resolved to get it out of beta could very well be part of this project.
3: It works reasonable well, but due to budgets they do not have the intention to fix the final issues as they are pretty expensive and they'll just keep it the way it is.

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4 hours ago, Ameepa.6793 said:

Colors are still a bit funky. My world is often filled with neon green NPCs and black or purple ground.

When I'm trying on different armor in the dressing room, my boots always go bright purple. Not on my actual character, but the changing room me. And its every pair I try on, but not if I remove all previews. Other than that, no issues, though. Must be some kind of texturing issue with DX11.

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