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What if every month, there was a different free item on the Black Lion shop?


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19 hours ago, Bollocks.4078 said:

If they were to do this I would expect it would be similar to the Chest of Black Lion Goods we get free for daily login every 7 days at best, maybe less. 


Then HARD pass.

You know how many repair Canisters and revive Orbs I already have in my bank?

Last thing I want is a fawcet for more of this.

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29 minutes ago, Bollocks.4078 said:

If that's you point then I'm really confused as to how your reply relates to my post.  I'm clearly not asking for freebies or supporting the posts that are asking for freebies.

You're just trying to put something in my post that was never there. Point where exactly I wrote anything about you saying there are no freebies in the game (or whatever similar claim you've mentioned in your subsequent response). I just didn't, you've probably started reading that post with whatever preconceived expectations you had and so you've interpreted it however you wanted instead of reading it for what it was.


 It seems that you are actually trying to disagree with me on what counts as a freebie.  You specifically referenced key farming and what I said about it. 

I responded to that since I was writing about it above and you were clearly responding to it directly below that post, even if it was without specifically quoting it. Not sure why me answering to it again is so surprising for you.


I think we both agree that there are plenty of freebies.  We can disagree on whether or not certain things count as freebies.  That's OK.  

Yes, it is ok and that's literally what I wrote there: "So 20 minutes ingame for a BL key/week doesn't count, ok. Then what about(...)" -I get that you can see freebies however you want and that's why it was not the point of my post, at no point I was somehow trying to argue with you about the weekly key there. I even specifically wrote: "No matter how you look at it and whatever limitation we'll try to use here". Then I went to the main point of the post with 2 links to the other users' posts talking about the same, noting that it's pretty much what they've said: "it never being enough anyways". I don't know what you're not understanding here. You just saw there what you wanted to see, definitely not what I wrote.

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I think the system currently in place is fine, not because it's the status quo, but because it serves its purpose well and I can't see an additional (logical) benefit to adding more freebies.

Right now, you have:
- Daily log-in rewards (No effort, no cost)
- Daily achievement rewards (Low effort, repeatable, versatile)
- Frequent gem store sales (Reduced cost, packaged deals)
- Static low prices on things like boosters, transmutation charges (Low cost)
- Promotional freebies (Supposing you live in the lost city of Quiznos)
- Gem shop player appreciation packages (No effort, no cost)
- Black Lion Keys from content; map completion, personal story, enemy drops (Low effort, repeatable)
- Other gem shop items from content; transmute charges, boosters (Low effort, repeatable)
- Character birthday gifts (No effort, no cost)
- Achievement rewards; account bonuses & gems (Low effort, stacking benefit)
- Gold to gems conversion (Low effort, helped along by 2G from dailies)

All in all, I think there's a pretty good ratio of 'free stuff' to 'stuff that costs time or money'. I don't do it as often anymore, but I used to convert 2-5g a day into gems and just let it slowly accumulate over time until something I wanted entered the shop rotation - this worked almost every single time. I didn't go out of my way or do anything special to get these funds - they were just a natural byproduct of running around and playing content I wanted to play anyway.

Right now, it's not a lack of freebies keeping me from making purchases, it's a lack of quality things I want being offered in the shop.

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14 hours ago, Bollocks.4078 said:

No, I'm just trying to understand your initial reply to my post.

So you were agreeing with me from the start?

What I meant is exactly what I wrote:

On 2/17/2022 at 11:05 AM, Sobx.1758 said:

So 20 minutes ingame for a BL key/week doesn't count, ok. Then what about previously mentioned gold -> gem exchange, gems from achievement point rewards or the BL item available as a log-in reward? No matter how you look at it and whatever limitation we'll try to use here, there are already "free options" and apparently it's just about getting more anyways. Pretty much what some people already pointed out in this thread:



There's nothing about "you saying there are no freebies" or me "trying to convince you if 20minutes for a key counts as freebie or not". I don't know what you're so confused about here, just read what the post said without trying to claim I said something I didn't, that's all.

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