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World Bosses, Events and players [Another discussion about afkers/downed/taggers players and so on]


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Hi everybody.

Recently there have been discussions about downed players during world bosses ( and other events ), and though seems that most of the players do agree that the deads ( not downed ) should WP and come back, since the game is structured in a specific way, we can only assume that a majority wants something.By the way, regardless the polls, to me what is wrong is HOW the world bosses and some events are structured.

We can't force players, though we would like to see them playing in a proper, respectful way.However, players do have the right to say

i play the way i want

and, due to the current system, they can do it regardless the other players ( being somehow selfish, since other players could have a hard time because of them ).

Now, if we sit down for a moment and try to think about all of this, we can observe that there are reasons because they tend to play in a proper way.

  1. Granted reward whatever they do ( regardless the time spent dead, the dps or healing done and much more. This includes both good and bad players ).
  2. Tag and afk ( You don't need to play once you have tagged or dealt some dps on boss ).

There's also a 3rd point, which as far as i know is only ( fortunately ) related to a single zone.

  1. Somehow, reward by staying afk ( Siren's Landing chests ) or by simultaneous events near WPs ( again Siren's Landing ).

I think we do all agree that is not fair that all players get the same reward, regardless the way the play.

Disclaimer: I am not talking about Elite vs Noob, because if the noob do really play is fine enough, as well as fair and correct.

That said, to me, the events system needs some rework.

Suggestions could be something like:

  1. Tequatl reward System ( bonus chests or simply a better reward if you do all the phases. Karma and Exp will be the same, but splitted into mini events which happen during the whole fight ).
  2. Combat Buff / Downed Debuff ( you grant stacks while in combat, and these stacks decay after XX seconds full dead or not attacking. The more stacks, the better reward )
  3. Untag upon death/afk ( if you stop playing for a little while or don't release and return to take again part at the combat, you simply lose the tag and being unable to get the reward ).

And also

  1. Pets/Minions won't tag. In order to prevent afk partecipation and in general afk farmers.

Options like these could allow a major partecipation and better rewards for those who took part at the whole event.Obviously, since it is possible to die ( we are all humans, except spellbreakers maybe ), there will be a cap to the maximum reward, which could be achieved also by those who happened to die sometimes.

My 2 cents.

Ps:I would like to discuss with you about this.And i am not referring to the way you play or what kind of player you are, but simply what modifies would you imprevent in order to make these events better.

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A friend of mine got downed/dead yesterday AAing during the leg doppelganger fight while waiting for me to port in to get some hits in on it. The fight was a mess, dead people everywhere and the wp was so close...anyway, I told him don't worry, I'll rez ya, but going ignore these other guys.

As I started rezzing, the few remaining alive people were purposefully pulling mobs to me, then backing away once the mobs were focused on me.

People are jerks whether they be alive or dead.This was a legendary, with plenty of remaining health to wp and return amd still get credit, but rather than flat out tell the dead that, players seemed more focused on punishing those that would rez the dead.

Sometimes the wp isn't that close, and sometimes it's not a legendary enemy, and sometimes it's not just the dead that are being selfish.

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