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Siegeraiser/Siegecrusher "Circle" Should be Visible.


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Also, I would legitimately like to see this guy get buffed. Like, the kind of Champ where you don't mess with it unless you've got 8 - 10 players to fight it, because he'll park your kitten in 2 hits.

It would be an absolute joy to stroll out of the spawn while outnumbered and just watch the NPC spank people until a zerg shows. He already does quite a lot of damage, but not nearly enough to scare anyone away.

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Really would like to see Siegerazer getting a facelift, update his stats and moveset a bit, so he's more dangerous, moves a bit faster in combat, to actually be a viable threat for a 5 man enemy group, and scale. And then update him back to the BL's.

Heck, I'd like to see him take more than a single tower as well, but if I say that out loud, people are going to accuse me of pve.

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