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Enemy come, I Lag - DC'ed and Loot Bags Lost


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Please Anet,  
If and when a player get disconnected from the game, allow them to return to their loot bags regardless of how long ago the loot was dropped, Its not easy to return to one's loot bags, imagine the fight is on enemy's far north camp.  

The  lag has been so bad that, even when I am winning and loots were dropped, I don't  get them, because when ever enemy zergs arrived, I am disconnected  Lost many bags cos of that.  😪
thank you.

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2 hours ago, SweetPotato.7456 said:

I have auto-loot, when I Lag, the loot bags are scattered everywhere not being picked up. when a third zerg comes, i will 100% DC and its not really a short road to the north camp. 

With auto-loot loot-bag go to your inv as long as you are alive, only when you are dead they scatter around you, so ...

And I think ANet cannot help you much in this. It's either:

  • your WLAN
  • your INet
  • or your PC to busy to do both read packages and compute the graphics (and maybe doing memory management, how much memory do you have on which OS version?)

Did you tried to lower the settings for showing people around you.

  • Character Model Limit
  • Character Model Quality
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5 hours ago, Faccina.5091 said:

i get lag spikes over 5k sometimes and my uber pc with an a6-3500 cpu with integrated video keep the fps around 15 (that drop to even 4 with zergs) also sometimes freezee for a while but the autopickp never stopped working

Yea something about the story doesn't add up.  Maybe the lag is such that the OP is already dead but doesn't realize it yet then DCs.

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who plays WvW for the loot anyways?

I am experiencing big lags and even disconnects aswell, when a big zerg is around the corner, BUT my internetprovider is building atm and my bandwith is close to 0.... I think same goes for you here... nothing Anet has to do. i think you should get a better connection.  It all worked fine for me but since my bandwith took a hit i am experiencing similar things. Problem might be on your end buddy..

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