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Stop target dot/crosshair from moving when zooming


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I'm playing with action camera on, and what bothers me about it is that when I zoom out, the dot moves up. I don't want zooming to change where I aim. Is there any way to prevent the dot from moving up and down depending on the camera distance?


This is especially annoying when the zoom changes automatically in some places. So not only do I have to adjust the zoom to counter this garbage auto-zoom (which if you know how to disable, please let me know about it too), I also have to adjust my aim.

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bump this also annoys me, it throws my aim off completely and forces me to play very zoomed in because the crosshair is so high up on the screen when you zoom out.

I need a way to make the crosshair stay in the centre of your screen no matter what zoom level you have.

Best I can get at the moment is setting FOV to max and moving camera vertical position Near and Far all the way to the right. Zoom all the way out then scroll wheel in 4 times so the dot is at the centre of your screen.

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