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Question about Daredevil Condi


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It's possible venom is recommended in a group setting because it is shared with your team and the damage they deal with it is counted towards your dps (I think).


You don't have to run venom when Solo.  I use caltrops and thousand needles.  Nice for aoe and breakbar and the damage is great.

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22 hours ago, NorthernRedStar.3054 said:

Impairing Daggers has the slowest projectile speed I have ever witnessed, on top of a massive cast.

Quickness is really nice (and possible in group comps) for this. But I still think you'd get more out of a venom in a group with sharing.

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You just need something like Viper stats, Nightmare Runes, and take the trait Potent Poison in Deadly Arts.  Basically you get 100% condi duration and lots of condi damage. 

You get up to 1800 some damage per venom stack. You get 6 stacks in PvE and multiply that by 5 (total of 30 stacks). So while each stack isn't that much you have so many stacks it adds up fast. 

I think you may be able to push 60k total but you usually want more balance so you can max out bleed and torment for max damage. But any proper condi build can get close enough that only a very obsessed min/max attitude would demand more than 57k.

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