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[PLZ] NA aims to provide a relaxed environment for raiders trying to learn new encounters while having fun! Currently, we are looking for newer raid players, with good class knowledge, who can fill our training raid nights/second static, Raids are schedule on weekday evenings 15-30 mins after reset. These are groups that are focused on wing progressions and helping out players tackling new roles, mechanics, or classes that they want to improve on! Our main static has cleared all content in Wings 1-7, including all CM modes. Our main static is currently full, but we are always looking for new players to act as fill raiders. We have helpful commanders and experienced players that are good resources for anything in-game related as well so ask away! We also PUG raids frequently in the mornings and get as many guildies as we can to run with us for fun, helping out players who needs their kills for the week or completing achievements/collections. _ Requirements: Must have Discord as we announce important occasions and schedules there. A good attitude and be able to handle constructive criticism so we can help each other improve. We aim for fun and good vibes even on the roughest nights but of course we still want to get those kills in the end! If you have any questions about the guild or interested in joining please reach out on discord Gator#4096 or mail me in-game Gator.1295

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