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NA <<Its Turtles All The Way Down [Flat]>> New Guild Dedicated to Content on Turtles (just for fun)


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We're not a serious guild, you have 4 other guild slots for that!  This guild is meant to be your red-headed step child guild.  With turtles.  Guild theme is lightly based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Our mission statement is to see just how much content we can do from turtle back.  

We're brand new, so are looking for like-minded, fun-loving individuals.  If you are a veteran of Guild Wars 2 and love to help where needed, you may be good officer material.  Contact me if interested in that.

And for the rest, what are you waiting for!  Less than 2 weeks left before the Turtle expansion!  Join now and reserve your spot in the best turtle guild!

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