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Help with recharging teleport to a friend item


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1.  Specifically,  how can one tell how much recharge time remains for a player?  When I click to use,  I get a couple of queries to make sure I really mean it,  then off I go.  If not recharged I get a message that the item is still recharging.   I cannot figure out how to tell how long the wait is.


I understand the wait penalty must be worked off in the game, and not offline.   I understand the recharge wait penalty is against only the character using it,  and not the account so others can use it. 

2.  Does another player on the account being active count toward the recharge time, or must the penalty player be in game to work off the recharge time? 


Thanks in advance. 

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Your character should get an effect called Teleport Recharging which has the cd timer when you hover

Hmmm....not sure how I missed that!   My only defense is that it's a virtuous guardian, smoking with 6 effects on that area of the screen,  and the one I needed to see was 4th on a row of 5.


I'd guessed the penalty player had to serve it,  but thought to get a verification.    Thanks for both updates.


Edit: typo

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