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Phase Smash Interrupted


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@narcx.3570 said:

@Justine.6351 said:You physically move to the location. If you try crossing wards they will cc you.

That's Phase Traversal, Phase Smash is an i-frame... However it will still get interrupted by shocking aura or other on-hit interrupts.

Phase smash physically moves you to the location and then back. That's why you get rupted by wards.

With phase smash and timing you can get credit for ring up events in wvw at the last second.You can cast 2400 range drop the hammer with timing using phase smash.If you are defending a camp that is on it's last tick off contest and use phase smash, you can lose the camp because you are physcially above the contest area.Short of advertising an exploit, you can actually use phase smash to teleport to areas, even areas you cannot teleport to directly with stuff like blink.

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