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Small Casual [PvX] A Skritt At Heart [SHNY] Looking to strengthen their Skritt army with active and social Skritt [EU]


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Hi! We are A Skritt At Heart,

A small and social guild of Skritt loving casuals. As End of Dragons draw near, we are looking for new members to join our community.

Things have been stale for a while but we want to make it lively again in the coming days.

So, your patience and active participation is very important! Maturity and friendliness is a must and using Discord is mandatory!

Are you who we are looking for? Become a Skritt today! Apply on our website: https://shny.eu/apply


What kind of activities can you expect?

  • Fashion Wars
  • Adventure Tuesday
  • Guild Missions
  • Non-GW2 Game Night
  • Seasonal Party
  • Skritt Invasion
  • #Skrittstagram
  • Skritt Con
  • Causual Raids
  • Contests
  • Friendship
  • Secret Santa


Fashion Wars?

Yes, we are a PvE guild, but we also have a love for fashion wars. This means we have channels on our Discord dedicated to our fashion/screenshot game. People that are not really into fashion are, of course, also welcome to join. Besides just sharing our screenshots we also hold fashion wars contests with a different theme every single time. During seasonal guild events you can also expect a run on the catwalk! During seasonal guild events you can expect a run on the catwalk!



Event night? Event night! Event night? Event night! Yes, on tuesdays we do various things, those can be dungeons, bounties, meta events, world boss runs, strike missions and so on. You get the point, we decide on something and do it. It’s that simple and fun!


Guild Missions?

I'm sure most of you know what guild missions are. But for those new to the game, as a guild you hunt down bounties, treks do a puzzle or a challenge together. There are also races but seem so loved in our guild, not really. You earn guild commendation and we earn favor for our guild hall.


(Board)Game Night

Twice a month, we organize a game night. Completely unrelated to guild Wars 2, we hang out in Discord and play something, that can be Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary or anything similar. You name it, we could play it!


Seasonal Guild Events

Halloween? Christmas? Easter? Any other excuse to throw a party? We'll take it! So, a couple of times a year, we hold events in the guild hall or somewhere else. What do we do? Lots of different things, ingame and on Discord. Quizzes, Pictionary, custom JPs related to the event? Why not! What we, as a guild, will do exactly, is going to vary.


Skritt Invasion?

Get your skritt tonic ready, because it's time for an invasion, and not a single shiny person will be safe from the hoard of skritt. It’s time for us to hang out in Discord and chase people around, while also spending a fun evening together.



An evening revolving around taking screenshots together as a guild, but also in smaller groups. You'll be divided at random with a theme as a common goal. Coordinate as a team and achieve victory, shinies and new friends!



It’s starting back up and will be casual as well as beginner friendly. Don’t expect full clears, it is meant to be fun for us as a guild. If we get enough experienced and willing player we can concider a raid static. Currently raids are not on a weekly basis.



We hold contests on our Discord server, ranging from themed screenshots to funny (guild) names.

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