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What is this Rabbit Foot recipe??


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1 minute ago, StevenL.3761 said:

I thought so too but it's not possible. Order doesn't matter. I tried logging out and back in to see if it was just a glitch. It still won't let me put in 4 rabbit feet. Which leads me to believe it needs a different fourth item.

Sadly I can't try it atm, because I need to get some of them first, but as far as I can remember they worked at least with other white trinkets. Will try it later, if the event ever starts.

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I don't know, the first 3 items do "light up" in the forge UI, only the last one fades out, if you know what I mean. Usually that means the last ingredient is something else.

I just tried using a Mystic Forge Stone but that also won't let me do it. The stone lights up after I put in 1 or 2 rabbit feet, but fades out if I put in 3 feet.

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