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[Yumi] The Cute and Adorable! {with Guild Hall Tour!}


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Welcome to [Yumi] The Cute and Adorable!

Take a look at our quick guildhall tour, but there's lotsa room for maybe YOU to decorate! ...
Create your home with a bed, ornaments, and anything out of our guild treasure!*
Join us for events like Fashionshows, Arena tournaments, or simply feel free to use our lvl 3 synthesizers to gather multiple guildhalls!
Feel free to ask our guild for any help, regarding all aspects of the game.

Click here for our Guild Hall tour on YouTube!

Message me, "Veryl.7861" or join our discord server!
[Yumi] The Cute and Adorble - Discord Server
See you soon!

*Housing applies when a member is trusted and dedicated for a period of time

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