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Expedition Gaming <EXP> (US) (PvP) (PvE) (WvW)


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Welcome, we are Expedition Gaming. Our guild is based on Yaks Bend. The community is spread across multiple games from FFXIV, GW2, Star Citizen, CoD/Overwatch and so much more. We are a hardcore and casual friendly group welcoming both noobies and veterans alike. The community plays together on a regular basis. Our GW2 guild is about 9 years old however due to the nature of the game we are currently revitalizing the guild in preparation for End of Dragons and beyond.


We do daily PvP and WvW as well as Fractals. Regular Meta runs, as well as Dungeons, strikes, and raids whenever we have enough people on. 

We have a large discord community with hidden categories to prevent members from getting notices for games they don't play, be sure if you stop by to head to the Role-Selection channel so you can open the categories you want to see.




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