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[QoL] Give every minion a suicide option


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 Minions should work like the old version of Guardian Mantras


Summon Shadow Fiend

-> Haunt (single charge ammo skill, same recharge time as original cooldown)

-> Detonate (single charge final ammo skill, available only while Haunt is on cooldown)


This would allow minions to be destroyed to prevent being locked into combat or to drop aggro on bosses without needing to run to the other side of the map

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YES please! As someone who has been playing primarily Necro minionmancer casually since I started playing GW2 (~4 years ago), I would REALLLLLLY appreciate an option to "dismiss all minions". While it would be nice if dismissing them had some small benefit, like gaining a little bit of Life Force or reducing the cooldown for each minion dismissed, at this point I would take even a panic-dismiss button with no benefit whatsoever that put all my minions on full cooldown and left me defenseless in the meantime. Sure, it would be nice in the Open World to be able to not have to fight literally everything in a five-mile radius, but personally I feel like it's an even more critical issue for new players who play a minionmancer style and are trying to get into Dungeons or even low-level Fractals. 

It takes me a long time to learn and become comfortable with a particular playstyle so naturally, when I started playing Dungeons and Fractals, I brought my minionmancer. I quickly learned however that some mechanics require not attacking the boss at particular times, getting out of combat so defeated team members could respawn, or running through specific areas without stopping to fight everything, which resulted in my team members getting frustrated at me for "not calling off my minions", not understanding that I had no control over them. Of course, I have since learned that there are some cheese mechanics to get around this... My favourite is the Spicy Pumpkin Cookie (pro tip, if you're in combat and you need to ditch your minions in a pinch, try this!!) but this trick took far too much googling to discover, and has still been disabled underwater and in Raids so it's more of a situational band-aid than anything. The only real fix is to know the Dungeon/Fractal well enough to be able to swap out all of your permanent minions before the fight even starts, or better yet, don't bring them in the first place. (I still refuse to run minions like Shadow Fiend and Flesh Golem in a Scourge/Reaper/Harbinger build for challenging endgame content, even if it is the "meta build" and there are no stop-attacking-now mechanics, due to the complete lack of control I have over them if something goes wrong.)

The game goes out of its way to make minionmancer a thing, particularly through the Death Magic tree. I know that not all playstyles will be viable in all gamemodes, but this one minor detail just causes so much unnecessary grief for playstyles that utilize permanent minions. I'm not asking for full control of them or anything - I know that would overshadow what the Ranger has going. But as a supposed "master of death" doesn't it make sense for us to be able to dictate the fate of our summoned servants? 

Thanks for listening 🙂

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It would be nice if there was a generic command or button to deactivate lingering combo fields and other effects in addition to the OP's concern about pets.  Sometimes, a player just wants to turn it all off and move on.  It could be something that any class could use to deactivate whatever is going on without resetting any cooldowns.  But it seems like it would be a good quality of life option.

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As a fresh 80 (I boosted) the game gave me a pseudo minion build to start with.  There could be many novice players out there who will eventually realize there are better options than minions most of the time.  And with a 'unsummon' button the minion builds might be more usable in certain situations, although I don't think the minion AI is good enough to be usable in difficult content.

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