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[PvX] [NA] [MATH] Friendly Guild looking for like minded players, new and old players welcome and should feel no anxiety about learning new content with a group of cool players

Tom Chesterson.6905

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Math Club [MATH] was created in 2014 as a primarily sPvP guild to create a community of like-minded individual. In 2022 it is now being rebooted for the launch of End of Dragons. We are looking for players of all types - new players, old players, PvP, WvW, PvE… pretty much everything. We are looking to create a community that is willing to help each other whenever it is needed. We want to be able to help players get their legendaries, do raid training, level up/do fractals, do strikes, and pretty much everything the game has to offer, including sPvP and WvW.


First and foremost, mathematics are an unrelated subject. We are only called math club because the only way to accurately depict our power level is through the use of a mathematical equation that is far too complex for a Guild name. -_^ An important aspect of this guild is non-judgement and willingness to help others and there is a no tolerance policy for this. . We understand that there will be new players and we don’t want anyone to be afraid to ask any questions in guild chat or to ask for help in any content that they may be struggling with. Due to this, players who are rude or unhelpful in chat or discord will be given a verbal warning and then terminated. All content that requires prior knowledge or skill will be taught and we will assist all new and old players to become experienced enough to do this content consistently, such as raids and fractals. I have thousands of hours teaching new players how to do content that varies from dungeons to fractals, and even PvP and WvW. The guild IS just being reformed again and currently being restructured. We are in the process of setting up a calendar with guild events then occur every week.

We will be doing squads in WvW and we will be doing teams in sPvP. These will be structured and hosted through our Discord. We will be hosting events weekly, including: lotteries, guild missions, raid training and much more as the guild continues to grow. There will be a monthly lottery drawing for a $50 Anet gem card and you will get more entries into the drawings by being more active in guild events. We look forward to helping our members obtain full ascended, legendary, ascension, and so much more. By simply being active in this guild you will eventually achieve all these goals, along with meeting some new friends along the way through our guild Discord and text chat.

If you are interested in making any original content for the Guild or our upcoming website feel free to submit them to my email; basedtomatopaste@gmail.com. The top original content and fan art will be selected every week and the winners will be awarded with various prizes.

In addition to all of this, we will be needing some staff and chat moderators to be able to keep things running smoothly because I cannot do it myself. If you have any prior experience being an officer or moderating chats or simply management skills then please send a private message to myself with an application depicting why you would be a good fit for the role.


For a Guild invite or if you have any further questions please send them in Game to; Tom Chesterson.6905, through Reddit private messages, or through an email to basedtomatopaste@gmail.com


We are in the process of setting up a website that has a private forum for members only along with other information for members only. If this is a skill that you think that you might be able to help with then please contact me as soon as possible, otherwise it might end up being they run together on a kitten square space website until we can get the talent needed that we want. Just come join us, we're getting ready for end of Dragons, we're all very excited for it, and we want you to be a part of it!

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