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New to GW where to start?


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I am new to GW. I lvled to 20 and then bought xpac an boosted to 80. 

There is an overwhelming amount to know about this game. I'm completely overwhelmed and getting kinda frustrated and bored.

Does anyone know of any guides for this game. Overall? I'm running around with my head cut off. I been doing stories, but that gets old. I wanted to do dailies but they all are confusing and I can't find where to go for any of it. I saw dungeon and raids but don't know what I'm doing, probably suck too bad to do it. An pvp makes no sense to me, went to a battleground and was confused. 

Is there an overall game guide to help me through all this? Like where to start, what to work on? 

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Best guide is the wiki:



But the biggest issue might be the use of the level boost. Although it seems like a good thing to do with a first char, it's kinda not.

You kinda skipped ahead to soon and lot's of new playeers do that.

You won't have the armour/weapons you need nor the understanding of the game itself.

Don't know where you are in the game map wise. But as for dailies, sometimes they have to be done in areas you haven't unlocked yet and can only do so by playing (like todays dailies). (or having someone port you there).


Forget about the fact you leveled to 80 and start by completing maps. That will help a lot in the ways of understanding the game. Dungeons, pvp, wvw, can all follow later.  


Also don't be afraid of asking help ingame! Loads of players willing to help out and explain things or even go with you!



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As boring as this sounds, go back to what you were doing. Complete Tyria maps, and finish story. Learn how to use your class and basic mechanics. 

Metabattle has some great builds (and guides) to help, including core ones which can help: MetaBattle Wiki - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds

Guildjen has guides for both PvP and Wvw plus builds: GW2 - GuildJen - Guild Wars 2 Achievements and Guides

Discretize has guides and builds for fractals: GW2 | Discretize [dT] – Fractal, Profession and Mechanics Guides

There are more resources then that but it's a good start. Consider joining a guild that welcomes new players. You can advertise on the forum here or look under lfg. (To go to LFG, hit your y button and go to the tabs on the left, it's in there.)


Welcome to the game! You can also hit me up for help. Just pm on here or in game 🙂

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Thank you to all the replies. I leveled a necro to 20 and then I boosted her and created the ele an boosted her. I did so because I was told necro is good heals. I've since learned all classes heal to a point. But ele tempest have good heals. So ele will be my main. I come from 8 years of wow healing using a resto shaman. 


I appreciate the help and support. So far the game has been very confusing but I'm slowly figuring it out. Trying one thing at a time. I'm willing to have any new friends:) Also, I have a good idea at this point how to play my class. So I have been doing exploration an my personal storyline. Starting from top to bottom. It gets kinda boring though. I'm also in guilds. 

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I think it hasn’t helped using the booster as you have skipped all the learning and ended up with a wide open world and it’s daunting. 

Some tips

- don’t be in a hurry. Maybe learn on another toon or just work on your main in little bits whilst you play. The game is going nowhere and nothing really gets outdated. Once your understanding improves, then you can branch out more and more.

- don’t let yourself compare to wow etc. what they do is fine for them, but GW2 often does things differently for its own reasons 

- the wiki is your friend. Don’t be put off by external sites. GW1 really set the bar for gaming wikis and GW2 has kept that going

- join a guild. Or multiple. Until you find a friendly one and they can support you in game

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When I started, I only bought the expansions after I finished to lvl 80 and completed the story, at that point i understood enough of it for me to play the expansions. I'm still not sure about the end game contents tho. 

My suggestion, play the character to level 80 without boosters, complete the personal story. 


Good choice on necro tho, easy class and is really good for pve. Ele is squashy af, be careful. 

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