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Map keeps closing

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This isn't a bug. You don't have to instantly change maps when the volunteer button comes up. If you're trying to finish an event chain that's the worst thing to do - especially if it's up on the map you're on.

You have a full hour before you're forced into another instance of the map. You don't have to volunteer.

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I'm gonna necro this thread a bit...sorry. This can't be normal map behavior...

Every instance of Crystal Oasis is offering me to volunteer to map change within 15-20 minutes of being on the new map, and continues to do so over and over. I have been in Crystal Oasis for about 6 hours and it has prompted me to change maps at least 10 times. 

When the population of a map get's so low, isn't it supposed to just have one instance of the map? I don't have this issue in any of the other underpopulated maps in core Tyria or older living world maps that aren't very populated like Bloodstone Fen.

Edit: Literally just map changed, zoned into new area and within 30 seconds it prompted the "volunteer to join new map" UI....

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