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But they are tortoises!

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7 hours ago, Trismegistos.3046 said:

I just watched the ad trailer on 9gag.

The title says turtles. And the narrator says turtle like 20 times.

They are clearly tortoises. Just saying.

GW2 wiki also calls it turtle O_o

Well, if you managed to forget, while not all turtles are tortoises, all tortoises are turtles. Just saying.

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5 minutes ago, Ameepa.6793 said:

They are all called the same in my language so why not also in Tyria.

Same, actually. I'm a professional translator and I'm still struggling to remember which one is which on the fly. Speaking of "fly", we use the same word for dragonflies and damselflies as well.

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13 hours ago, Quench.7091 said:

All tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises.

Yup, this. All tortoises, turtles and terrapins belong to the Order Testudines, commonly known as turtles. In layman language, we usually use the term turtles only to refer to sea-going turtles (the ones that have flippers), but scientifically speaking all of them, including tortoises, are turtles.

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