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Is reshade raytracing legal or a banable offence?


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i have a sweetfx filter that allows me to use raytracing in games with directx 11 and newer and I am wondering if this could be a banable offence in gw2?


i know that sweetfx in itself is legal but since this plugin uses depth and lighting data I wanted to ask first before risking my account.

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17 hours ago, Teratus.2859 said:

I don't seem why it would be bannable.. it's just a cosmetic mod, not something that is going to give you any kind of in game advantage right?

No it shouldn’t give any advantages, I was just worried since it uses the depth data and isn’t only a vibrance filter.


14 hours ago, Veprovina.4876 said:

It's still working on what it's seeing "on screen", it's not messing with the game files, just the video output.

So it should be safe, raytracing is just another effect in it like color correction or bloom.

Nothing to worry about.



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