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The Strategist, looking for you! (EU's Coziest guild)


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The Strategist [TSG], 


Who is that?

We are a new laid-back non-restrictive guild with a rough end-game edge, recruiting both new and old players to our banter-filled trashtalking NON-''Moshi moshi kawaiii XD'' guild.
Our focus is  to have a group of people which who we can play together and talk nonsense with, both in the old and new expansions ofcourse!
If you are looking to help start up a new guild, and are okay with having small numbers, you're exactly what we're looking for! 

Keep in mind that we don't wish for the guild to become immense and non-personal. We'd like to keep it personal and feel like a second (or third, or fourth..) home to you. Whatever floats your boat!

Our guild is based on the EU megaserver, and we are all 18+.

This is because of the trash we talk in our Discord server, aswell as the adult topics that we sometimes discuss, which we don't want any child's ears to hear, haha.

What is it that we offer?

We offer general PvE content, PvP contests and skirmishes, Fractal runs (Daily and Recs) and planning on starting  Raid trainings aswell as full Raid runs and Guild missions!
If this all sounds super good and super attractive to you, then get to the in-game mail or to whispering us! 

Have any questions or want to apply to the guild? Respond below with your account name and a short but super cool introduction. Or just whisper/mail us in-game.

Cya there, lads and ladies!
Stay cool!


Skills Hunter xXx.3068

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