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I have a request to make towards the dev team if that's okay. I know i have no reason to make a request like this or the dev team to even accept a request, but i was wondering if i could be given the chance to meet a developer in the game? I know i ask too much with no actual reason to meet with a dev, and it will be understandable that this request can't be made, but i really dreamed for a long time to actually meet a dev in an mmorpg game.. It's kind of impossible and i was hoping i could get this one chance to meet and give a big hug to the gods who made guild wars 2 or even just talk casually or roleplay with the gods for funs! (Kinda hoping to be personal meeting.)


It's really understandable that such request can't be made and i really apologize if the request is denied.. But i'm sure that, i'm not the only person who has such a dream! 😶

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