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Armor skin change after log in EoD

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After EoD update I logged in on my Ele and unlocked the elite specialization and previewing the got new items (without actually equiping).

After log out to next character I noticed my armor had suddenly changed on the log in page. After selecting that character again it indeed had changed, without me changing it.

I used to have all "winged" set now everything was on acolyte. It was still all on the same dye set.

It was a boosted lvl80 armor set maybe that makes a difference.

I restarted the client etc, but doesnt seem to change a thing


Anyone else experienced this also, seems like a really odd bug.


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Same thing happened when I logged in today with the lvl 80 boosted celestial set on my mesmer. I don't think they should have changed the appearance of gear after already giving it to players.

Found in the patch notes:

The Level-80 Boost will now award Acolyte armor skins for mesmer, elementalist, and necromancer characters.

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Just logged in, the exact same thing happened. I used a lvl 80 boost the other day on an Elementalist and had the winged set afterward. Logged out for the night, logged back in today after the update and now I've got the most basic, undyed Celestial acolyte skin. On a side note, after logging back in, I could swear all the models in the game were much smaller than normal, my character included. That may have corrected after sitting in a chair, though. It would be nice to get transmute charges for this.

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Same thing happened to this account. I have two accounts that used the booster and have never changed the armor. One is still in winged skin while this one got changed. I dont think it happened on Monday i think i would have noticed but this morning it has changed.

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