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Can't Start POF [Merged]

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17 minutes ago, raydie.7561 said:

Just something helpful. If you dont need to do the storyline, but just need to get there. You can use the teleport to a friend item and have them in the crystal oasis city. Just make sure to grab the teleport while you are there.

well, i want to do the story since its my first play through

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Same Prob here.

There is a "workaround" for doing the story that you team up with a player who can start it. However I want to take my fair time to do the story hence it's my first time and I'm afraid I'd bother others while doing so. So for me it was not an option.

However I hope it's going to be fixed ASAP - I know working on a living game is straining and stressing, so I really want to sound all too bossy and demanding, but I was so looking forward to play into PoF today :/

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