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Why do we have to fight alone in most of the story instances

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I am assuming that you are speaking of the npc's not being much help. I agree with that. (Rytlok makes for quite the kitten in the majority of his cinematics, but seems to do jack all when fighting actual mobs.)


But just in case you didn't know or need help other players can assist you in any of the story chapters.



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This is not guild wars except for the lore - Everything Guild Wars 1 was, did not carry into GW2, except for titles and a specific profession name (mesmer).

GW1 - NPC teammates would resurrect you. GW2 - Maybe you get lucky.

GW1 - A glorious team based (mmo) storyline that sold me. GW2 - Enjoy this hour of dialogue while all your friends do stuff without you, and also, you get no reward for killing anything.

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