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Gunsaber in Competitive


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10 minutes ago, Grand Marshal.4098 said:

None, zero, all the same.

Big sad. I was excited for this espec, expecting them to give it some sort of damage or utility or something at release. I mean, who would release an espec in the state bladesworn was in during the betas? Idk man. I guess that’s what I get for being the optimistic one on the forum xD

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57 minutes ago, Jzaku.9765 said:

The only significant change seems to be that you can access Dragon Trigger (and thus your burst skills) from your regular weaponset now, not needing to go through Gunsaber. 

That’s certainly welcome could make a difference in how it plays.

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Having played it more extensively, I actually don’t think it’s too bad. There’s some unique synergies to be had with some ill-used traits and dragon trigger being available on off set is definitely a game changer. I think there’s a possibility it can work alright in competitive modes relative to how warrior has been performing (I.e. on par with existing builds). 

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Funny how the spec forces you to utilize Tactical Reload (I don't rly mind) to play it, but even more so Unyielding Dragon for competetive.


Legitimately, without Unyielding Dragon the spec is 10000% unplayable, as you'd have to time Berserker Stance and Might Signet in hopes of performing similar feats in smallscale teamfights...



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Yeah, the change to use DT from either set is good change that did need to happen for the long term viability of the spec, but there are so many lingering issues that they did not address from the betas.

Sucks that we're most likely going to have to wait until summer for those fixes though... I can't see them doing tweaks between now and then.

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