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Cannot anchor my skiff

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I had these.  Oddly, the first time I anchored it worked.  Never again, even after restarting the game.  I thought it might be due to a bug related to my going to speed 2, since I did that after the first anchor and before my second attempt, but if enough people are having the problem then some of them surely never hit 2.

Found two villagers in the water and one on shore (on shore she had a frozen bird by her -- not iced, paralyzed with head reaching for her and wings outstretched).  Interacting with any of these did nothing, whether I was on a skiff, on shore, or treading water.

Once I got my own skiff it worked fine.  It just made the heart super tedious as I was Daredevil killing aethers and repeatedly repairing a skiff.

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When I did it a little bit ago some of the skiffs in the area of the heart worked, and some didn't. The ones nearest the heart didn't work since it just said you needed to stop to board, but a bit down the river to the east some of the skiffs were working fine. The villagers in the water worked ok for me as well, since you don't need to stop the skiff to interact with them, although I just saw the shackle in the water where they were supposed to be and no person was actually there. It did give heart completion for interacting with them, though.

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I was able to resolve this problem by removing any old 'ghosted' keyboard devices on my (Windows 10) system. Go to Computer Management > Device Manager, right-click on Device Manager in the tree and select 'View > Show Hidden Devices (you can also do this from the View menu in the menu bar). Expand the 'Keyboards' section of Device Manager, where you should see any connected keyboards as well as any hidden or previously connected keyboards. Right-click on any icons that have a 'ghosted' image effect, and choose 'Uninstall Device'.

*Note: I did this while GW2 was running and it instantly resolved the anchoring mechanic for me in-game.

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