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Waypoint costs are getting out of hand

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1 hour ago, Dawanarth.4601 said:

Aren't those more expensive than using the Way points ? (Unless you basically use the way point a lot)

I mean, yes…. If you don’t have one already.  Would take a while to pay for itself. To me the convenience of it is quite nice and makes it worth it.


I use the Armistice Bastion one, because of the connection to WvW.  Only bought one..  

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3 hours ago, Khisanth.2948 said:

PoF has a gizmo that teleports you to Vabbi. I assume EoD has more than one day worth of content so a similar gizmo might remain to be found.

Is there even any reason to be bouncing between the farthest points of the world?

When I came back 1.5 years ago I had a farming run that went all over Tyria and was costing me over a gold a day, even with the most optimized route I could manage (admittedly, it was a ridiculous 3-4 hour run...lol).  I quickly invested in portal scrolls to cut my travel costs, and started taking advantage of guild hall locations.  If Cantha had been in that run with no portal scrolls, oof.  😆

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I watched the video and thought you were being funny, but now...

In what universe is 11 silver a lot?

Especially when they give you a Portal scroll in story, and everywhere prior to EoD portal scrolls are sold for pennies already.

0.055% of your Dailies earnings is still pretty cheap.

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Hello, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to the game (been playing since late January)

I'm level 64 with my first character, and still grinding towards 80. But I realized that since the latest update, waypoints are much more expensive. It may not be related to the update, though. I don't know if the price scales with character/account level, the amount of coin you have in your wallet or if there's anything I need to know related to this, but standing next to the waypoint, it wants to charge me 1 silver and 6 coppers, as you can see in this image. I usually travel through Lion's Arch and towards the capital cities of the different realms to avoid the expense, but can someone explain why this happens? Last monday I was around level 57 and it charged me way less coin.

Thanks in advance if someone can give me an explanation on this topic.

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Waypoint prices do scale up as you level, and with the distance traveled.  I seem to remember there's a point leveling where it suddenly seems steep, but I'm sure there's a specific percentage increase per level.  Checking the wiki now, but that likely explains the increase you've seen.

Edit: Yep, here it is: Waypoint - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)  Scroll down to "Formula" and it shows the math, if that's the kind of thing that interests you.

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