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I have similar issues:


First, in the very first room where you have to investigate the left and right wing, Taimi did not talk to me and I could not go ahead,

I had to restart the mission once.


Then: In the very last room when you talk to Joon, you have to fight the bots + destroy the "buttons" (idk what it's called in English) to open the Jade door to Joon. I think it was the fourth wave when I suddenly got stuck in box that rose from the floor. I had to restart the mission again.


I submitted a ticket ingame to support. Now I wait until it's fixed. I don't want to be stuck again as this mission takes to long to do it 3-4 times in a row... :/





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If you get stuck there is a /stuck command to free yourself. After you hit enter it won't give you any prompts and take 30 seconds to put you somewhere walkable. I got stuck too and used it and it worked. The only thing to be aware of is that you must stay completely still and not enter the combat within that 30 seconds or else it will be cancelled.

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I encountered an issue with this story instance last night also. After the unlocking puzzle, once you get in to speak to Joon, at the part where you have to destroy all the mechs to make the fields unstable (Joon is watching from her lab), I defeated all the mechs in the room, but the story did not allow me to progress. I was blocked ahead and behind by fields.


When looking at the mini-map it appears that there is still an enemy in the area but below me, and no enemies visible in the room. I think what happened is the remaining mech got stuck underneath the floor (the mechs come up from under the floor into the room). I was unable to progress further and had to exit the instance. I reported it as a bug, but wanted to post in case anyone else encounters this before they are able to get it fixed.

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Bug as well. Last room (finale battle) no progress possible when it reaches the point where there are 2 levers to move the floor + the thumper turret thing in one corner and the other thing shooting orbs in the other corner. Taimi tells you to use the bot - which I can use to pull the lever while standing on the floor that gets moved upwards. But no other options possible to interact or progress the fight to the next step.

Edit: I think this is the same bug Haeteira mentioned. Still green swords icon on the mini map visible. But no other mobs in the room running around and smashing 1 ... seems to put a "Deluxe Jade Tracker" as the target in the UI ... nowhere to be seen though.

Edit2: Luckily it checkpointed before the last battle and logging out and logging in again ... allowed to complete this. No bug at the 2nd attempt.

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