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How to play condi firebrand?


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I'm new to WvW, and I'm new to playing firebrand. Here's a link to the recommended WvW spec for my guild for a condi firebrand:


I spend most of my time in staff granting swiftness to my squad. When enemies come, I use staff to give might to my squad.

After that, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Sometimes I hit F1 and do damage. Other times, I hit F3 and grant aegis.

What should I be doing? Any suggestions would be great.

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If you're guild is telling you to run that, and aren't giving you instruction on how to use it, thats....... really dumb. Strategies vary, but Firebrands tend to require a lot of coordination to use effectively, and your team composition carefully spread out to maximize boon coverage. In a support comp, 2 FBs rotate tombs so one is in Courage for Stability, while the other is in Resolve for condi clear. You're setup looks to be pure Front line damage.... so if I had to guess the build intent, you just camp and spam justice skills, and use it again when a kill resets the cooldown.

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