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16 hours ago, Miss Lana.5276 said:

When I recorded the Saint Anjeka's shrine keystone, it checked off the "Tangled Altar"

This is the same for me as well, also there is no keystone at Saint Anjeskas Shrine. Map completion is not possible!

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 I can't interact with it. It says "Amber Keystone", as if I had already interacted with it previously, but it does not show in the "Cryptseeker" achievement. 😞

On 3/3/2022 at 12:46 AM, Rubi Bayer.8493 said:

Thank you for flagging this, all. We've got someone looking into it!

Edit: I just discovered that Entries 1 and 3 are swapped. Completing 3 counts as 1, and 1 counts as 3. Please fix.

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  • Ashantara.8731 changed the title to [EoD] Amber Keystone: Saint Anjeka's Shrine not counting

I have the same problem. I have visited the Saint Anjekas stone twice. The first time it said I got the ach, but the next I discovered it was not marked in the log. I went back the next day and the stone was unresponsive. This makes Echovald map completion impossible.



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Is this fixed yet?  I have visited all three locations, my Achievement log has both Saint Anjekas, Lake Lutgardis checked, but I am standing right next to the Tangled Alter AGAIN and the game won't let me complete the achievement.  Looks like this was reported and acknowledged by Anet staff last week.  ETA? 

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This quest is doable, the two stones reward the wrong completion. Details in the wiki. Devs still need to fix it, but if you want to complete it, just go back to get the stones that are marked Complete. One of the two is actually the one you didn't activate.

From Wiki:

Recording the symbol at the Tangled Altar location awards progression for the Saint Anjeka's Shrine location, and vice-versa.
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Posted (edited)

I had the same problem because I etched before talking to Scholar Jieun.  However, I was able to go back to each shrine and re-etch, so all is good.  The solution is simply to go back to each srhine and etch from the stones again.




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