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EU Storms of Winter meta bugged since EoD release [Merged]

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I have not seen this mentioned yet, but it seems that the EU Bjora Marches meta Storms of Winter is bugged since the EoD release. The meta completes with "clear skies" even before the Legendary Icebrood Construct is destroyed meaning it does not properly progress achievements like Whisper in the Dark: Raven's Favor or Return to Whisper in the Dark: Revenge of the Icebrood Construct .

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As the title says, the Storms of Winter meta in Bjora Marches is ending abruptly, the first step when you chain the Legendary Icebrood Construct forces the event to end and the map to enter the Clear Skies state, the Icebrood Construct will keep moving towards the Keep, and stop right at the gate, not doing anything, only to slide and glitch through the wall a few minutes later, this has been happening since the launch of EoD.

Bjora is one of my favorite maps to go and just hang out and chill, and I hate to see it neglected and bugs accumulating like this.

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